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We're here to address a problem.
Look at your rolodex or in you meishi case. Can you put a face to all of the names in there?
Can you remember when you met them or what you discussed?
Have you tried to contact someone after a long time and found that their contact information is no longer up-to-date?
Is there a potential business contact out there who received your meishi, but can't recall your face?
Is there someone out there who tried in vain to contact you only find that your contact information was no longer up-to-date?
If any of these scenarios sound familiar then Meishi+ is the service for you.
With Meishi+, your business card comes with an on-line identity.
By printing a small bar code (QR Code) on your meishi, the possibilities become endless
Those who receive your meishi can easily access your personal meishi site. On it you can place pictures and messages. If your email address or phone number changes then you can easily edit this information on your personal site. You will never lose contact with a potential client again!
Anyone who receives your meishi can also add comments to it free of charge. For example, if you meet someone at a rotary club function and discuss politics then that person can visit your meishi site and add a comment such as 'met at Rotary Club in Mar, 2006 - discussed politics'. These comments are visible only to the person who writes them.
Those who receive your meishi can opt to receive updates whenever your change the content of your on-line site. In this way, if you change your phone number then all those who have signed up will automatically receive email notification of your new phone number!
All of the information on your meishi site can be updated instantly using you cell phone or a personal computer. You can even take a new picture with your phone and send it as an email attachment to a special address. The picture will be added to your meishi profile in a matter of minutes!
If you're interested in learning more about Meishi+ then feel free to contact us at
You may also sign up on-line and start using your meishi+ account immediately. Start by filling in the form below.

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